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  • The Training format is applied whenever a group of people is introduced for the first time to a new concept

  • The training methodology is designed to uniformly spread the same concept to the trainees in a short and effective way

  • Training sessions are always followed by interactive workshops or sprint projects

  • Our training sessions can be FULLY DELIVERED ONLINE


During a session the team members are exposed to theoretical concepts, cases  (from their industry) and concrete exercises.

A training  is effective for a short-term propagation of ideas and concepts, yet has a short memory retention effect, thus it is highly recommended that training sessions are reinforced by interactive workshops and/or coaching.

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Our training sessions are tailored to drive performance:

- Training materials are designed to support all the  aspects of the changes taking place within the company

- All our training materials are using the findings of our initial diagnostic 

- We focus on providing « down to earth » cases using real data from the field

Training sessions focus on "practicing and delivering"

-We use role plays with scenario close to real situation

-During training sessions, the trainees are delivering directly usable work   (strategy, action plans, internal processes….)

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Non-exhaustive list of modules: 

- Conflict Management & Negotiation

- Boundary Management Optimization

- Problem-Solving Facilitation

- Decision-Making Facilitation

- Lean Startup support & Design Thinking

- Crisis Management Course and Simulation

- Innovation (Exponential Innovation ExO)

- Intercultural Training

-Distribution management

-Sales strategy

-Sales actions plan

-Advanced sales force management

-Effective customer visit

-Mastering sales skills

-Customer targeting

-Train The Trainer (TTT)

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