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  • Coaching is there to stimulate employees to engage their knowledge and experience, by building new behavioral patterns

  • Coaching sessions can be 1on1, or small group coaching

  • Considering our extensive portfolio of expertise, we believe we provide a "different coaching approach"

  • We leverage the coaching opportunity to share our expertise in the many many challenges they may encounter

  • The trainee creates his/her own solutions witch he pushes with full ownership and confidence 

Conversation Between Colleagues

The Mindtrust Partners are composed by highly skilled and experienced coaches that put all their knowledge to the service of our clients

Coaching is the most powerful introspective development strategy to grow individuals to step up to the next level challenge

Coaching should always be complemented with other team activities, as well as some KPI review and constructive challenging to ensure that the candidate is fully engage in the transformation and stepping sufficiently out of their comfort zone

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